Friday, October 25, 2013

Painting and Podcasts

The painting continued today. Like yesterday I put in a long eight hours with only a few breaks in between. My goal was to finish the garage but alas I got 90% done before the sun started to set and I had to stop. I'm busy this weekend so I'm hoping to finish the garage on Monday and then start taping off the house trim and get the house painted next week.

I swear I'm getting painters elbow (kind of like tennis elbow). Towards the end of today's painting adventure I started to get sharp pain in my elbow area of my right arm. :(

While I was painting I managed to get a good amount of paint on my hand and the thought came to me; "I'll take a cool artsy kind of picture of my white paint splattered hand" and as I was thinking this 'The white hand of Saruman' popped into my head so of course I had to actually paint the palm of my hand and then slap it across my face like a Uruk Hai from Lord of the Rings movies. This is what happens after eight hours of painting.

During the evening I got started on editing the next MASH 4077 podcast. It's due on the 1st of November and I wanted to get a few hours under my belt before I called it night. By the time I went to bed I did manage to get my first pass done. Will have to come back to it at a later date and do my second and third pass before it will be ready to be uploaded.  I hope to get this podcast done by this weekend.

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