Sunday, October 13, 2013

D&D Continues...

After my awesome day of TV watching I headed out for my bi-weekly D&D campaign. We were down four or five of our regular players. Even with those missing we were still a group of eight. We were in the middle of a Orc battle when we finished last time so we pretty much picked right back up from that point.

I have to say it was much more enjoyable the the lesser amount of players. There were less conflicts between players and we got to play more often. One HUGE thing happened during this session. We lost our first player. And what makes it even worse is she was killed by one of our own. Robert's character Zander was swinging an battle axe and Robert rolled a 1, which for those who don't know is a Crit Fail (not a good thing). There were four players with in range of his axe and unfortunately Jen's Elf Velanne got hit in the chest and died. It was pretty horrific.

We finished killing off the orcs and made our way out of the caves. We came across a Dryad (Tree Nymph) and decided to help her out by killing some Orcs who were killing her tree. We succeed with helping her, we ran into some Lynx's and managed to kill them.. and then moved on to some old castle ruins where we were exploring when several of our group triggered a trap and are now in a basement filled with rats.

We are currently on Day Five of our 12 day quest.. can't wait to see where the story goes next.

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  1. From my own perspective, I thought it was actually better to die at the hands of a fellow adventurer than by the enemy. Also, the way in which my character met her demise was pretty freaking epic! Sad yes, but the epicness out-weighed the sadness. I'm just glad my character wasn't a heavy hitter OR a healer, which would have been a significant loss to the party.