Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Great Day!!!

Today my buddy Chris was visiting a 5th grade class who wrote him while he was in Kuwait. Our friend Jennifer is the teacher and she got her entire class to write to him. He wanted to return the favor and visit the class to thank them. Because I was driving him Jennifer wanted me to talk about working in the entertainment industry as well as cosplaying as a Hobbit since they just finished reading the book.

Our friend Josh lives out in that area so we figured we'd pick him up and hang out with him, when Jennifer heard he was coming she asked him to speak to the class about going to collage and acting in stage plays. So what was suppose to be Chris talking to her class, she had an entire panel talking to her class.

We were up way to early, 5:30am and out the door. we stopped by 7-11 so I could have a Homer moment and grab me a pink frosted doughnut for breakfast. We then picked up Josh and got to her class room around 8am. When we got there she had her class along with three other classes sing for us. There choir is preforming in a few days and we got a private performance.. it was really sweet. All the songs were very pro America for Chris.

Once the performance was done we headed to Jennifer's class. She teaches an advanced class. All of the kids were very sweet, smart and kind to the three of us. One kid in particular, Dennis, was the sweetest kid ever, He introduced himself to Josh and I, he's also super geeky, kept asking Josh and I Harry Potter questions. He reminded me of myself when I was that age. 

Chris started off and talked for a good hour. The kids asked very good questions. Jennifer had the entire class make Thank you cards for Chris. She also had her class create/draw me card depicting their favorite scene/part of The Hobbit. I was extremely surprised and honored by this. As Chris talked to the class Josh and I read each amazing card.

Once Chris was done it was my turn, I first talked about my recent trip to Ireland and England. Showed them pictures from my travel. I then talked about my work and what I do. Again the kids had some great questions. And my final discussion was about The Hobbit and I even brought my Hobbit feet to share with them. Those were a big hit.  The kids then preformed on their recorders (flutes) the Lonely Mountain song which was amazing!!

They took a recess and when they got back Josh then took the stage and talked to the kids for a bit about collage and acting. When he was done it was snack time. While they ate their snacks I gave each kid the opportunity to put on my Hobbit feet and walk around in them. I took a picture of each kid and plan to print them out and give them to Jennifer to give to the kids.

It was a fun experience for Chris, Josh and I and I think the kids really enjoyed it.

We were having dinner at Jennifer's later tonight so we stayed in the area, we grabbed some lunch at Red Robin and then went to the movies to watch Noah. I'm going to post a review of the film in my next blog post. 

Once the movie was over we headed over to visit my family. I haven't seen them since before my vacation so I was looking forward to hanging with them for a few hours. My brother got to show off his Star Wars room to Josh and Chris as well as his numerous arcade games in the garage which we spent a half hour playing. 

We then headed to Jennifer and Matt's house for dinner. It was the first time visiting their place so we got a tour, chatted for a bit, had a very nice dinner and then played Cards Against Humanity for a few hours before calling it a night. 

We dropped off Josh and then an hour later were back at my place and crashed for the evening. It was a good day.

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