Monday, April 21, 2014

Disneyland with Friends

One thing that my buddy Chris wanted to do while he was here was visit Disneyland and Disney California Adventures. So we got up bright and early and headed out to the parks. When we got there our friend Brett joined us. It was the day after Easter to we knew it was going to be packed and it didn't disappoint.

We went to Disney California Adventures first since Chris has never been to Cars Land. We rode Radiator Spring Racers, then got on Screamin' and then Mickey's Fun Wheel. While in line for that ride our friend Doug joined us at the park.

The four of us went on Goofy's Sky School and then walked over to Bug's Life and noticed that the normal show that's usually there was replaced by a special event. A sneak preview of Disney's new movie Maleficent. So we had to check it out. OMG.. what an amazing experience. Not only is it interactive, with lights, wind, fog and such but the preview was amazing. They showed what I assume is the first few minutes of the movie and then it's clip after clip of amazing looking fantasy worlds. I was in heaven. We all agreed that all movies should be seen this way.

We then rode Soaring, it's not a favorite of mine but Chris really wanted to do it. We grabbed an ice cream afterwards and did the Maleficent preview one more time before heading over to Disneyland. Brett decided to head home (he wasn't feeling well).

I thought DCA was packed.. that was nothing compared to Disneyland. We had to pick and choose which rides we wanted to go on. We did Star Tours of course and wanted in a long line for the newly re-opened Big Thunder Mountain roller coaster. Afterwards we headed to the Indiana Jones ride but it is shut down for remodel or maintenance.. all I know is it's shut down.

At this time our friend Adam made it to the park and wanted to meet up with us so we waited for him to join us before we continued to walk around the park. We hit up the Mexican restaurant for dinner. We were all tired so we called it a night but on our way out friends Rupert and Luis messages us and said that they were over at DCA. So we decided to do the Maleficent experience one more time, but this time with Adam, Rupert and Luis joining us. It's the third time and it was still amazing..

Afterwards we said our goodbyes and headed home.

I have to say I was a bit moody today and my buddy Chris got the brunt of it. He likes to push my buttons, that's our relationship and I normally can take it.. but I think I'm just super exhausted from my vacation and not really having the time to properly relax afterwards made me extremely irritable. Sorry Chris you know I love ya and it wasn't anything personal. Hopefully it didn't take away your enjoyment of Disneyland/DCA. 

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