Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Time to Decompress

My buddy Chris flies back to Montana today, but not until 2pm so we get to enjoy a few more hours of hang out time.

First up was breakfast, we had our traditional biscuits and gravy. While we ate we watched Frozen as Chris had never seen it before so it was fun being able to share it with him.

For lunch we meet up with our friend Jes over at The Habit and then we came back to my place, picked up his luggage and then went to Best Buy so he could turn in his broken iPad and get a replacement one sent to him.

When we were done there I took him to the Burbank airport and dropped him off.

I was sad that he was leaving and we had some fun times while he was here but honestly I am still exhausted from my vacation and now that he is gone I can officially start to decompress.

So that is exactly what I did. I came home and watched TV (I have about 60 hours of TV on my Tivo to watch). I don't think I moved from my couch.. maybe to get some dinner and go to the bathroom but there was very little moving involved.

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