Thursday, August 21, 2014

Another B-day Pix, Elvish Donut & Random Deep Question

Birthday picture countdown continues with Day 11. So here I am at Age 11. Only 33 more days to go.

I wanted to share this awesome picture of a doughnut, now this isn't any ordinary donut it's The One Donut to Rule Them All... how awesome is this, evil never looked so good.

I posted a Random "Deep" Question on Facebook and Twitter. I wasn't sure if anyone would respond as it's not the easiest thing to answer, though I did get some joke answers, I also got quite a few serious ones. So here was the question... What is your end goal in life? Fame, Family, Exploration, Love, Knowledge, A Combination of those, etc?

Here are the responses I got from Facebook:
Christopher Quilty - The end scene from "It's A Wonderful Life" (without needing the bowl of money). 

Matthew Kuhns - Immortality. 

Tina Zettel - A combo. but the main thing is to die happy, surrounded by loved ones 

Gabe Gebhart - Having a good time and sliding into home plate.

Ken Todd - Happiness for myself and the people I love.

Linda Longfellow - to love and be loved by family and friends plus never hurt anyone on purpose.

Markus Hunt - I want a legacy mate. Something that will be going after I've long gone but still brings happiness to others or benefits the planet.

Matthew Luchsinger - That is a deep question. I guess it is just to make everyone around me smile and a little happier on this planet.

Jonathan Nail - A garden to tend and my family to love.

Tiffany Anne Buckner - Damn........ I honestly have no clue

Diana Perry - Service.

Mazin Dajani - Conquest of the known universe

And I got one from Twitter..
@NeghvarNews - To have loads of fun & become outstanding in my line of work!

As for my answer, I think in the big picture I'd like to just be loved and to love in return. But I admit there is a small part of me that would like to leave my mark on this world somehow.

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