Friday, August 22, 2014

Icy Cumberbatch, Dancing Groot & Loving Arrow

Today I came across my favorite (so far) of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.. of course it's the very charming Benedict Cumberbatch.. you can watch the video below.

I got an email today from San Diego Comic Con informing me that I have been approved for SDCC 2015 and no further action is required. I thought I had one more year left. With SDCC you have to send in credentials every three years to prove that you are part of the entertainment industry. It's a pain in the butt, but it's worth it to get in free.

Today is Day 12 in my "photo a day" until my 44th Birthday. So here I am at Age 12.

Funko who make those Pop! vinyl characters that are really hot right now announced the release of a new Guardians of the Galaxy figure... you ready for it... it's Dancing Groot. How awesome is that. With that popularity of that movie and especially that character, this was a wise and very fast move on Funko's part.. well done guys. I just hope it's easier to find then the "regular" Groot.

I spent most of my day back and forth from the TV to my computer. I worked on my next MASH 4077 Podcast while trying to finish up season one of Arrow. I succeeded on both accounts. I finished the next MASH podcast, episode 85, which will be released on September 1st and I finished watching season one of Arrow. I watched episodes 13 to 23 to finish off the season.

My over all thoughts on Season one are positive. I enjoyed every minute of it though some characters I could have done without, but what's crazy is that some characters that I really didn't like at the beginning turned into my favorites by the end and some that I liked at the beginning I didn't care for by the end.

I really disliked Queen's little sister, she just annoyed me way to much at the beginning but I have to say she's growing on me. I'm far from calling her my favorite but if they continue with her growth in season 2 then I'll learn to like her.  Queen's Mom is another that I just despised and was unsure of your loyalties, was she good, was she bad and over the course of the season you find out that she's bad but she wasn't always. She did this for her family and got in way over hear head.

I'm glad that Felicity became part of Queen's team, I was surprised by the ending of season one. I figured they would save the day and all would be well.. but at first you think that but then find out that their is a second device and it goes off causing a huge Earthquake which takes down half of the Glades. I was disappointed in how they kept flip flopping Tommy's character in regards to Oliver, they were friends, he was mad at him, they were friends, he was mad at him. And his death at the end didn't come as a surprise. It was a Heroic death as he did save the women he loved.

I'm really looking forward to S2 and I hope to have that all watched before S3 starts in early October.

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