Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Videos, Fixed TV & Firefly Goes Pop!

I came across several videos that I want to share with you all. First up is a Do's and Don't for Men dressing. It's really straight forward and easy to follow. I think it's the best men's fashion video that I have ever seen. 

The next video is a music video from Meghan Trainor for the song "All About that Base". It's been out for a few months but this is the first of hearing it. Besides the song being super catchy I love the message to girls that it's giving. "Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top"

So I'm a huge Country music fan so of course I found a country cover for All About That Bass that's awesome..

Today is day 9 in my picture a day until my 44th Birthday. So here I am at Age 9. As a kid my hair was always various lengths, full and curly. Wish I still had the fullness.

I also replaced my 60" TV lamp today and my TV is once again working. It was an easy process which made me very happy. The picture is brighter then it's been in a year or so. I guess the lamp has slowly been dying.

And the last thing I want to share today is the announcement that they are releasing Firefly Pop! vinyl figures.  This set includes Mal, Zoe, Wash, Jayne and Kaylee. Hopefully with the second set they release the others, Simon, River, Book, and Inara.

I don't know when or where these are going to be released all I know is I must have them!!!

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