Saturday, August 23, 2014

A New Who Premieres

So I have been called out by not one or two but three of my friends to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Markus, Al and Josh all challenged me so I will donating and preforming the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge tomorrow... so stay tuned for the video.

Today is day 13 of my "picture a day" until my 44th birthday. So here I am at age 13, and it's tough trying to figure out what age I am with some of these pictures. Unless someone else in the pix or it's at a certain place I'm guessing the age.. but from this picture it looks like I've hit the moody teens.

Tonight is the premiere of Doctor Who which is also the debut of a new Doctor, Peter Capaldi. I had a little premiere party at my place. Friends Doug, Dallas, Robert and Cait join me to watch.

Overall I enjoyed the introduction of this new Doctor. This was an interesting episode as it dealt more with Clara and her acceptance of this new looking Doctor then it did with the Doctor actually changing. It's tough to judge Peter as the new Doctor because he spent the majority of it with regeneration sickness and was a bit bonkers. Will have to wait and see with episode two.

I enjoyed the story, it's cool that it ties in with one of my all time favorite episodes "Girl in the Fireplace". And it also introduces a new character that's causing all kinds of speculations... Missy.

It was great to see Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax in this episode. Hopefully will get to see them again this season. I still think they should do a spin off series of that trio.

There was only one thing that really bothered me and that's when the Doctor leaves Clara with the organ stealing robots. It felt very unlike the Doctor, of course it all worked out and he did indeed rescue her but still that one moment really bothered me.

But it was a great start to what I hope to be an amazing season.

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