Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Firefly, The Voice & Baby Giggles

I came across this cool picture of a mashup of Disney and Firefly. Or if Disney created an animated version of Firefly... how shiny would that be. Love little River and that they have a pet Firefly.

I spent the evening watching The Voice blind auditions on you tube. I normally don't watch the "singing" competitions as I have a hard time with the really bad ones.  So I usually wait until clips are put up on You tube and I can pick to watch just the good ones. I really like The Voice as the judges only hear the persons voice and have to choose solely on that, looks play no part in their decision. What started out as a few videos turned into three hours that took me well into the AM.

Oh.. one more thing.. Baby giggles are the best... so I couldn't pass up sharing this hilarious video.. enjoy!!

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