Sunday, August 3, 2014

Cool Restaurant, Rocket & Baby Groot

Just an updated on my back.. it's doing better, a bit sore but a thousand times better then it was.

I saw this news story about this restaurant called Signs up in Canada, at first glance it didn't look like anything special but wow is it!!! Watch the video below.

I think there should be more restaurants like this. I've been teaching myself sign language over the past few years and I would love to be able to go to a place and have to try and order food. I love all the enthusiasm that the employee's have. For some of them it's their first "real" job.. how awesome is that.

I came across another story on Facebook about the creators of the new movie Guardians of the Galaxy honoring the man who co-created Rocket Raccoon. The gentleman is bed bound so they actually brought a copy of the movie to him (which is near impossible with all the legal red tape). Just goes to show you how awesome these people are. Read the entire story HERE.

A friend posted about this amazing Baby Groot figure on Twitter. It was being sold via Etsy so this was obviously someone who crafted it. It truly is amazing but the price of $40 bucks was just to steep for me. And at the time of me blogging about it, it looks like it was pulled so it's no longer for sale. Hopefully Marvel will realized that Baby Groot is super popular and make something similar for half the price.

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