Monday, November 17, 2014

Final Work Week, Homemade Chili & Warming the Heart

So I start my final week on this CNN Pilot, five weeks has kind of just flown by (ok 4 weeks as the fifth is just starting). I'm currently on the look out for another gig so if anyone hears of a post production supervisor position opening up please let me know.

Today for lunch I got to enjoy the chili I made overnight. I've been wanting to use my crock pot more and while talking to Erik last week he mentioned making home made chili so I asked for his recipe. I picked up all the ingredients a few days ago and was looking forward to making it. I prepared it last night and dumped it in the crock pot around 10:30pm and figured it would be ready by the time I got up and sure enough it was.

Before my walk in the morning I wanted to do a taste test and after four big spoonfuls I determined it was a success. I also did everything in my power to not have chili for breakfast. So I brought some to work and got to enjoy it at lunch. I have to say that I'm very happy with the final results. It's more on the mild side which Erik knows I'm a wimp with it comes to super spicy. I do think next time I will add more beans but overall it was a great recipe... Thanks Erik!!!  It also makes a very large pot so I'll be eating chili on and off this entire week.. woohoo

I want to share a video with you.. these kinds of videos always brings me to tears but it does the heart good... enjoy.

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