Friday, November 21, 2014

Last Day, Strange Magic, Hobbit Song & Screeners

So I have a house guest staying with me for the next few weeks. My friend Lydia is visiting from Switzerland. She arrived late last night and will be here until the second week of December.

It's the last day on this five week gig. It's strange for me as being a post production supervisor the bulk of my job happens at the beginning and the end of a show. Since I'm being released about a month before the pilot is done it's strange that I'm not going to be around to really do the bulk of my job and make sure everything is to network spec. But it is what it is, and they are out of money so I am being released from the gig. I enjoyed my time on this pilot and enjoyed everyone I worked with. Hopefully the EP or Line Producer moves on to another show and needs a post super and think of me.. but until then I'm on the look out for another post supervisor position if anyone hears of anything. 

I want to share a few videos that I came across... the first one is the trailer of a new George Lucas movie called Strange Magic. Looks like my kind of movie.

The next video was released by Peter Jackson and it's the final song for the third and final Hobbit movie The Battle of the Five Armies. It's also a good message to all the fans. I love it.

And finally I got some new screeners today...

Boxtrolls, which I'm really looking forward to seeing. Whiplash, which I heard is pretty good and The Theory of Everything, which I saw a sneak preview of and really enjoyed it. They might be coming in very slowly but I'm glad the screening season has begun.

I'm still expecting at least another 20 or so screeners to come in before the end of December.

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