Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve With Family

Going to spend Christmas day with my brother's family so I decided to head over to there place tonight so I can be there when my niece and nephew wake up Christmas morning. Another reason to go over the night before is I get to help be Santa. I help finish wrapping presents and then once they put the kids down to bed Lora, Michal and I start to bring down all of "Santa's" gifts. They really made out this year. My brother and sister-in-law are always very generous during the holidays. They know they spoil the kids but then can, so they do. The kids are still young Kenobi is age 5 and Molly age 3 but I'm sure as they get older they'll learn to appreciate their good fortune. We all went to bed around midnight and I predicted that they kids would be up around 7 but Mike and Lora said it would be later.. guess will find out tomorrow morning. Merry Christmas Eve you all...

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