Saturday, December 27, 2014

Helping Friends Move

Today I spent the day helping my friends TJ & Denise move into their new apartment. Started around 9:00am, picked some breakfast before heading to the Uhaul to pick up his their truck and pack up the truck with the pod that they sent from the east coast. We then headed out to their storage unit about 20 miles away. Two other friends joined us there (Andrew and Mo) and we then started to unload their storage space. They intentionally had a 26' truck but though that it would be to large to maneuver in their new place so they opted for a 17' truck. This truck filled up fast and with half the storage unit packed in the truck they decided that there was no way we'd get this done in one move so we filled the truck and headed back to their apartment. We unloaded the truck and grabbed some lunch before heading back to pack up the rest of their stuff. For a moment I didn't think we'd get everything in this second trip but with some fancy packing we managed to get it all in and secure. We made out final trip back to their place and unloaded. We then had some tasty BBQ for dinner before calling it a night around 9pm

It was a long day of moving, I didn't expect it to last 12 hours but I was happy that I was able to help out my friends... building up some good karma :)

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