Sunday, December 21, 2014

Once Upon A Time & HBO's Looking

I was finally able to catch up on the current season of Once Upon a Time. I was about six episodes behind. I've been enjoying the "Frozen" theme they have been doing for the first half of this new season. I continued to enjoy the story up to it's conclusion. I liked the conclusion to the Snow Queen's storyline, in the end she redeems herself, I always felt bad for her as all she ever wanted was to be loved. I mean she went about getting it the wrong way, but still a sympathetic character. Unlike Rumple who is just evil. And I'm loving what they have done with Regina and her relationship with Emma.

There were a few things that bothered me but the biggest one was the fact that there is a door to Arendale (Frozen land) which is just a quick boat ride away from The Enchanted Forrest. If folks in Storybrooke want to go home then why can't they just walk through the door. But then again I don't even know if the folks in Storybrooke want to get back to the Enchanted Forrest.

The mid season finale lead us into the next storyline for the second half of the season titled Heroes Vs. Villains. I was a bit confused as we see Maleficent again (but this time the Angelina Jolie movie version) but in Season 1 & 2 we saw Maleficent and in season 2 she was stuck as a Dragon underneath Storybrooke and Emma killed her, so what's up with 2 different Malficents. And then at the very end Rumple (who is now banished from Storybrooke) is in New York and goes to an Aquarium to find Ursala (but how did she get to this world). Maybe they'll explain all in the second half of the season.. guess we gotta wait until early next year to see it.

I also watched a series called Looking. I had never heard of the series and no wonder it's an HBO series and I don't have HBO. But I ran across a poster and thought to myself.. oh look a new gay themed tv series. Come to find out that it's not actually new, it's been out since January of 2014 and ran eight episodes. It did well enough that they picked it up for a second season which begins in January of 2015.

Here's there very complex synopsis of the series: Three friends explore the fun and nearly limitless options available to a new generation of gay men in San Fransisco.

I watched all eight half hour episodes back to back to back. So I guess you can say that I enjoyed the series. I liked this series because it had a very diverse group of gay men and the majority of them weren't your typical "flaming" gay men, they seemed like everyday joes, which I can relate to. The main star of the show is Jonathan Groff (he was in Glee for a bit and he voiced Kristoff in Frozen).

The other actors I didn't really know anything about with exception to Russell Tovey, who I have seen here and there on some BBC stuff (Being Human & Sherlock). I've always found him attractive but I have to say I fell in love with him and his character on this series, he's just simply adorable. He was a reoccurring character in season one but is a main character in the up coming season two... and I can't wait.

This series has a Queer as Folk vibe, but with so much less drama. The episodes being a half hour, they really do fly by. I never feel bored with what's happening. Since this is the first season they are slowly building up the relationships and friendship of the guys as well as their back stories. Only downside to this series that I saw is the guys doing drugs (well pot). If your to believe the majority of gay themed TV and movies, all gay men do drugs and believe it not that's not true.

Anyways I'm looking forward to season two in January and more Russel Tovey :)

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