Sunday, December 28, 2014

Please Like Me S2 - My Review

Today I got to enjoy the second season of Please Like Me. It picks up one year later, Josh's dad has a new daughter, Geoffry is out of the picture, Josh and Tom have a new and cute (also gay) roommate who Josh has a crush on. Josh's mom is in a mental hospital after a third suicide attempt and we meet several new characters there.

Josh meets a new love interest who is also a patient at the mental hospital, his name is Arnold and he's my favorite character now. He has extreme anxiety and low self esteem. Every time he's on screen I just want to hug him and tell him everything is going to be okay. I was so happy when Josh and him finally hooked up at the end of this season. I hope this storyline continues into season three.

I wasn't a fan of Tom's storyline, he's become a pot smoking loser and not very likable.  I've been really liking the new storylines from the mental hospital with Hanna, Ginger, Rose (Josh's mom) and Arnold.

Season two continues to build the relationships and characters. It's still quirky, a bit awkward, funny and serious. The characters seem much richer as we get to know them better over the season. There is an entire episode with just Josh and his Mom hiking through the bush talking... it's one of the more serious episodes.

I can't wait to watch both S1 & S2 again and I really can't wait to see Season 3 and see where these characters go.

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