Saturday, January 3, 2015

Readership for my Blog

Blog readership various from blog to blog, I assume it has to do with topic or time of posting but some blog posts will get 1000 hits while others barely get 10 hits. I haven't figured out a pattern but most of my blog posts get about 50 hits and I was wondering who was reading my blogs. So I created these polls. If you could please answer both of these questions, I would really appreciate it.

Readership for my Blog, I read...
Every blog post
Majority of the blog posts
Some of the blog posts
Only those that interest me
poll generator

Who is Reading My Blog
I'm a Friend
I'm an Online Friend
I don't know you but enjoy your blog
Poll Maker


  1. Love you sweet man!! from JL and ML

  2. Your second question was an interesting one Kenny, I wouldn't class myself as a friend ( even an online one ) but we've chatted a couple of times online, I tend to enjoy the stuff you write but I only occasionly check out you blog, the same can be said for some other blogs as well, if there were more hours in the day I guess I'd have more time for doing stuff like reading blogs and then I suspect I'd be a more regular reader.