Friday, January 2, 2015

De-Christmasing & Eureka Re-watch

I spent a good part of the day De-Christmasing my apartment. It's always a sad day when I start to take down all my Christmas decorations. But on a happy note in 11 months they all go back up again. :)

I did a mini re-watch of Eureka. I found out that Eureka is on Netflix.. well the last two seasons (4 & 5). I watched all of Eureka and loved it but haven't watched since it first originally aired. I figured I'd put that on in the background as I took down my Christmas stuff.. well that was a mistake. I forgot how much I loved Eureka, especially the final few seasons so I pretty much sat and watched season 4 episodes 1 - 15, back to back to back. I finally pulled myself away from it so I could actually finish taking down the rest of the Christmas stuff.

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