Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Day of Netflix, Dramas & Comedies

So I've been at this apartment for one year. It was one of the best decisions that I made in recent years, to move to this neighborhood and apartment. With several good friends around, walking distance to food, shops and the red line, it's ideal. I love living across from the park as it makes going on my morning jogs so much more easier which ensures that I do them every morning. Now that my lease is up I have to wait and see if my rent will increase (which I expect it to) but hopefully by not to much.

Today was a Netflix day... I love my Netflix as it's opened my world up to a ton of new "gay" themed movies that I wouldn't otherwise see, but I've come to find out that a lot of the "gay" themed movies aren't that great or they show the gay culture as drug and sex obsessed, which a segment of it is, but it's not what I want to see all the time. Over the past year I have watched about thirty pretty amazing "gay" themed movies (which I have blogged about) but it seems that I'm having a harder time finding "happy" movies theses day. Lots of dramas which I'm sure are good but I have to be in a really good place to watch a hardcore drama. But the movie I started with today didn't sound to dramatic...

Angels of Sex: The established relationship between university student Bruno and aspiring photographer Carla is thrown into turmoil when Bruno feels drawn to sexy karate instructor/break dancer Rai. Complications ensue.

This movie is from Spain and is in Spanish so it's subtitled and the subtitles were so fast that I missed half of the dialogue. It annoyed me at times as I couldn't really watch the actors as I had to focus on the subtitles to see what they were saying before they were gone.

But overall I enjoyed this movie as you don't see many movie about open relationships, threesomes, and bisexuality. It shows how complicated relationships can be. It also shows you how all three sides to this relationship deal with it. For me personally I'd never be in an open or a threesome relationship, but it was a interesting look at another aspect on a variation of relationships.

After this drama I wanted a bit of fun to so I watched one of my favorite comedies of the 80's Troop Beverly Hills: Phyllis Nefler, a soon to be divorced Beverly Hills society wife is determined to prove to her husband Freddy and herself that she can finish what she starts out to do. She soon realizes that being a Wilderness Girls' den mother to a troop of Beverly Hills-bred girls is not as easy as buying cookies.

I love this movie and I'm so happy that it's finally on Netflix. It's one of Shelly Longs best movies (IMO). Funny, caring, heartwarming and wacky at times.. the perfect movie to make you laugh out loud.

I then decided to watch one of the more "heavy" drama gay themed movies called Priest. It was highly recommended with 4 1/2 stars out of 5 on Netflix. Priest: The Rev. Greg Pilkington is homosexual and a Roman Catholic priest who takes his vows and his love of God seriously. When a young girl confesses to him that her father has been sexually abusing her, Pilkington is overcome with protective rage and feels that he must break the secrecy rules binding the confessional in order to stop the abuse. As the case haunts him, Pilkington is forced to confront the transgression of his lack of celibacy through sex with other men.

This movie was exactly what I had expected.. drama, drama, drama. On the lighter side it was fun to see a younger Robert Carlyle (Rumpelstiltskin from Once Upon A Time) playing the Priests lover, though it was interesting seeing him naked. Even with the movie being uber dramatic I did enjoy it, and it was extremely painful to see what this poor man had to endure.

After that depressing movie I wanted to watch something lighthearted. I came across Bedroom and Hallways and I remember seeing this movie and liking it but it's been a while so I figured I'd give it another go. Bedroom and Hallways: At the suggestion of a straight friend, gay man Leo joins a men's group and is delighted to find hunky, straight Brendan who is coming to grips with his bisexuality and becomes his lover. Things turn ugly as it turns out Brendan's girlfriend is Leo's school ex and still able to seduce him.

I enjoyed this movie even more the second time round. Again like with Angels of Sex this movie deals with bisexuality but in a more comedic way. I enjoyed the characters and the story and I kept trying to figure out where I had seen the actor who played Brendan (James Purefoy) as I find him very cute.. he actually played the Prince in A Knights Tale... so that was cool.

Overall a good day of Netflix viewing.. some heavy dramas mixed with some fun comedies. 

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