Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Finishing Babylon 5 The Series

Since the holidays are over my buddy Robert and I continued our TV night. Tonight it looks like we will finally be finishing Babylon 5 the series. But of course there are still five TV movies and a spin off series if we choose to watch them.

But we started the night with S5 Ep20 "Objects in Motion" As G'Kar plans to leave Babylon 5 with Lyta, the crew avert an assassination attempt on Garibaldi and Lise but then a G'Kar follower tries to kill G'Kar and accidentally shots Lise. Number One talks with Sheridan and they suspect that Earth is trying to provoke a civil war on Mars. Garibaldi forces access to the assassin and takes him to Lyta Alexander, and makes a deal for her to scan him. He finds that he was hired by Edgar Industries. Garibaldi stays by Lise's side in Medlab, and when she awakes he asks her to marry him then and now. She agrees. Number One is the new head of covert intelligence for the Interstellar Alliance. Franklin leaves for Earth. Garibaldi and Lise then leave for Mars. Delenn and Sheridan take a walk from one end of the station to the other.

Lot's of goodbyes in this episode. First G'Kar and Lyte, then the Doctor, and finally Garibaldi. Speaking of Garibaldi he was one of my favorite characters for the first three to four seasons. I'm glad he kind of redeemed himself at the end. It's good to see that he is going to get a happy ending. It was great seeing Number One (Tessa) again, I love that they made her the new intelligence chief for the Alliance.

Then we watched S5 Ep21 "Objects at Rest" Garibaldi forms a new Board of Directors for his company. Ta'Lon becomes the new Narn ambassador. Sheridan and Delenn leave for Mimbar. An accident on board their White Star ship creates doubt/hesitation for Lennier, who fails to act appropriately. He leaves the ship, and tells Delenn he'll come back one day to atone for what he's done. Sheridan and Delenn are greeted by Londo on Mimbar who has a gift for them.

This felt like the final episode of the series. It wrapped up what little story was left. I was shocked at what Lennier did, I actually gave an audible "Oh my God.. he didn't just do that". I liked Garibaldi's interaction with his new board members. It was good to see Londo again, even though he gave Delenn and Sheridan that urn with one of those creators in it. Guess will never see if that story plays out. This was a very emotional ending to this series (yeah I know there is one more episode). I really liked the shot when Sheridan and Delenn leave and the "new crew" of Babylon 5 is standing there and saluting him a farewell... very cool.

And finally the series finale S5 Ep22 "Sleeping in Light" 20 years after he visited Z'Ha'Dum, Sheridan knows his time is short and gathers his old comrades together. Afterwards he takes personalized White Star to Babylon 5 where it's going to be decommissioned shortly. The final leg of his journey takes him to Coriana 6 where they ended the Shadow War, and meets with one last person. The old command staff gather on Babylon 5 to watch its decommissioning.

I knew ahead of time that this episode was actually filmed as the finale of Season 4 but when they got picked up by another network for season 5 they pulled it and saved it for the end of season five. For the most part it worked, most of the storyline made sense. If the last episode made me cry this episode almost killed me. Sheridan dying was bad enough by when he had to say goodbye to Delenn, I lost it. We still don't know what happen to Lennier or if their son opened that urn on his 16th birthday but it was still great to see Susan again.. I miss her character.

So that's it.. it took us almost a year and a half (7/10/13 - 1/7/15) but we finished all 110 episodes of Babylon 5. It's an amazing series, one that I am very happy that I took the time to watch. We still have the five TV movies and the spin off series, if we decide to watch it all. But this was a fantastic series, so many ups and downs, great storylines and characters. Characters that I loved at the beginning and hated at the end and vice versa. This series moved me to tears and then fits of anger, it was so well written and defiantly one of the all time favorite TV series. 

Next up the first TV movie... "Babylon 5: In the Beginning"

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