Thursday, January 8, 2015

Five Dances & Going Down in La-La Land

Today I watched a few more "gay" themed movies on Netflix. First was Five Dances, FIVE DANCES is a creatively adventurous narrative feature film set in the New York 'downtown' modern dance world. The story follows the rocky emotional journey of an 18-year old dancer with talent to burn, who must choose between his responsibility to his broken family in the Midwest, and forging a life and career for himself.
This felt like a student film to me. Not really any story or the story there was, was very light. It was more about the amazing dancing and it was pretty amazing. There really wasn't any conflict or stakes. It kind of just started and then it was over. It wasn't bad but it wasn't great. I give Five Dances a C

The second film I watched today was called Going Down in La-La Land.  Based on the novel by Andy Zeffer, "Going Down in LA-LA Land" is a riveting and uncensored look at Hollywood. It is a story that reveals how friendships sustain us and keep us going. It is a tale that reflects our celebrity-obsessed culture. It is a revealing look at some people's desire to be loved, adored, and adulated at any cost. Readers have grown to adore the flawed and imperfect, yet earnest and likable characters of Adam and Candy. Now movie audiences will have the same opportunity to follow their rocky ride through Hollywood, and all the laughs that go along with it.

I enjoyed this movie over all but I really LOVED the ending. It wasn't anything that I didn't already know about the entertainment industry. The first half of the movie is fun and entertaining but my favorite was the second half with the love story involving the "closeted" actor and the main character Adam. It had quite a few laughs, thanks to Adam's best friend Candy, who also wanted to be an actor and famous. Overall I wish the storyline would had been more about the romance but I'd give Going Down in La-La Land a solid B.

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