Thursday, January 8, 2015

Marvel's Agent Carter - My Review

Though it aired a few days ago I was finally able to watch Marvel's Agent Carter. When troops return from fighting abroad, Peggy Carter finds herself marginalized once again by 1940s U.S. society. In the wake of losing her love, Steve Rogers, she struggles to find balance between navigating life as a single woman and working at the covert Strategic Scientific Reserve, with administrative duties and tackling secret missions for an old acquaintance, Howard Stark. Edwin Jarvis, Stark's butler, helps Carter as she risks her life and freedom to complete assignments.

Now Captain America is my favorite of the Marvel movies and I was a huge fan of Peggy Carter from the first movie so when I heard they were going to do a series around her I was excited but wasn't sure what it was going to look like. 

So I watched the double episode tonight with my buddy Erik and I was blown away. The setting, the storyline, the action and the heart this series has is amazing. Within the first five minutes and I was hooked, and after the first episode I was in love and couldn't wait for the second one. Hayley Atwell is perfect, she's portrays Peggy as this strong, hard nosed, smart, sexy, tough independent woman but she's also no afraid to cry when she is hurting. She's a very well rounded character and that was all in just the first two episodes. 

I really liked all the supporting characters.. okay some of the male agents are pigs and horrible to Peggy but that it the way women were treated back then in the 40's. But there are few good guys in that bunch, including fellow agent Daniel Sousa. I'm hoping he will be integrated into Carter's new crew and a possible love interest. And the break out character for me was Jarvis (which is the of the AI for Starks computer) but at this time he's a real person and the elder Starks Butler. He's been tasked with helping Peggy and those two as a duo are amazing, funny and have some great chemistry. I can't say enough about this new series. I'm bummed that it's a limited 8 episodes season. Hopefully it will do well enough in the ratings to be picked up for a second season. 

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