Monday, January 12, 2015

Goodbye Adam, Scorpion Renewed & TV Watch

Today I got to have lunch with my buddy Adam. He's heading up north at the end of the week for his job. And when I say up north I mean Seattle so we're not going to be seeing each other on a regular bases. Adam has been setting up "get togethers" to say goodbye to friends but I haven't been able to make any of them so I asked if he wanted to do lunch and he said yes. I actually like this better then a group thing as I get to have some one on one time to hang. We went to Islands for some burgers and come to find out that Adam had never been there before. It was a nice visit. He'll be missed but he'll be back down for the Star Wars con in April and hopefully will get to see him at San Diego Comic Con.

One of my favorite new TV series this Scorpion was picked up for a second season. This made my day. I knew it was doing well in the ratings but you never know what the network is going to do. So not only do we get the last half of this season but will be getting an whole new season in the fall... can't wait!!

I watched a few shows that I had recorded yesterday.. the first one was "My Husband is Not Gay" It was a TLC special and has caused an uproar in the gay community. I watch alot of these TLC specials and this one intrigued me. This special was about Morman men who live in Utah, are married to women but are attracted to men. I watched it and I have to say it wasn't horrible. As a gay man I wasn't offended by it. If anything I felt bad for these guys as they are obviously gay but not accepting it because of their religion. They don't call themselves gay, instead they call it SSA (Same Sex Attraction) and these four guys that we meet in the episode are part of an SSA group. Some of the men were gayer then some and you know that some of them cheat on their wife with men. I don't support what these guys are doing but I do understand why they are doing it. I didn't come out until I was 27/28. I considered getting married, having kids and living my ideal life. But I decided not to do that as I knew that in the end I would only hurt my wife and kids when I finally couldn't take it anymore and came out as gay in my 40's or 50's. If this was a TV series I think I'd give it a watch. 

Next I watched two more episodes of Galavant. I think the novelty is starting to ware off. I enjoyed the episodes but not as much as I did with the first two episodes. Best part of tonight's episode was the recap of what happen in the previous episodes. I'm still enjoying it and I'll continue to watch but I hope the next two episodes brings back some of the whimsy from the first two.

And the final thing I watched was a new episode of Star Wars Rebels. It finally returned after the holidays and I'm happy it did. I've enjoyed this series and this latest episode was one of my favorites. I'm still debating which Star Wars cartoon I like better.. Clone Wars or Rebels. Right now it's Clone Wars but I think that's because there are six seasons of Clone Wars and so far there have only been nine episodes of Rebels. They are two very different series but both have their good and bad things. But for now I'm just happy to be able to watch new Star Wars on a weekly bases.

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