Saturday, January 17, 2015

Molly's 3rd Birthday Party

Today I went and visited family. We were celebrating my niece Molly's 3rd birthday today. Her actual birthday is in December but the first part had to be cancelled because poor little Molly was sick, and then we had the holidays which pushed it back even more.

I was getting there early as I always do so I could help my sister-in-law Lora set up. My brother wasn't feeling well so I helped him out with a few errands before heading over to their place. Once there I helped set up, blowing up balloons, decorating and things.

Lora goes all out for these parties, besides the bouncer/slide, there was a pinata, themed candy (it was a Doc McStuffins party) and she also got "stuff your own animal". This is where each kids picks an animal and then stuffs it with cotton. This sounds like a fun activity for the kids but it wound up being the adults who did all the stuffing as it was a very tiring activity. Soon it was just the adults in the room stuff animals while the kids went off to play. I actually stuffed two of them, one for a neighbor kid and the other for my niece Molly.

It was a fun party, Molly got cranky when another little girl wanted to play with her and her new toys but other then that meltdown all went very smoothly.

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