Wednesday, January 14, 2015

It's All About Podcasts

Spent a good part of today trying to "fix" the audio for an upcoming Harry Potter podcast that I co-hosted with my buddy Rico. I made the mistake of not informing Rico on how I usually record podcasts so he wasn't ready and didn't really prep his microphone properly so his audio is over modulated. It's usable but me being me, it needs to be as perfect as possible. So I spent a good three to four hours trying to fix it but in the end got frustrated as I couldn't really change anything so I gave up and figured I'd come back to you at a later date. It's due to be released in five days.

Speaking of podcasts I put out a request for audio bumpers for my podcasts. Here is what I asked for:

To my fellow podcasters.. I'm looking for "bumpers" for my podcasts. Please record the following with no effects, no music, no processing (feel free to adlib) "Hey, this is (your name) with (your podcast). And you're listening to (MASH 4077 Podcast) (Alien Nation The Newcomers Podcast) (The Geek Roundtable). And when you're done enjoying this podcast check out mine at (your website), Email them to ... Thanks

I haven't gotten any yet but if you have a podcast, videocast, blog or any other project that you want to promote please do a recording and email it to me.

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