Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Screeners, Spring Cleaning and Loving Agent Carter

So I thought the screening season was over but low and behold I got a another screener in the mail today. This time it's The Book of Life. It's an animated movie and to be honest it didn't peak my interest but now that I have it on DVD I'll give it a watch.

Spent most of the day "spring cleaning". I'm really trying to decrease my clutter, not only do I have alot of old receipts and bills but I have boxes of things that I haven't even looked at in over a year. I have a hard time getting rid of things so I know this will be a struggle, especially when it comes to my collections as I'm planning on thinning out my collection as well (hopefully a by a third). I did pretty good today as I got about half of my guest closet emptied, that doesn't mean it's gone, it's just thrown about my living room and guest room as I go through box after box and see what can be tossed, donated or sold.

During the evening my buddy Erik and I watched the latest Agent Carter. Man I love this series, I can't praise it enough. Tonight's episode had a OMG moment. Both Erik and I were shocked at what happen. ::Spoilers:: I mean I think the agent that was killed was a pig but I didn't want him to die, especially that way. :: End Spoilers:: Carter and Jarvis's chemistry continues to be my favorite part of the show. We get a bit more info about Jarvis which was very interesting. These was a nice moment between Peggy and Angie at the end. This like Scorpion is one series that I just can't wait to see every week. I'll be sad when it goes as it's only eight episodes long. And unfortunately it's not doing great in the ratings but you never know what will happen.. all I can do is hope for the best.

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