Sunday, August 23, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Big Damn Heroes

Woohoo!!! Today was a Firefly themed workout.

We worked in teams of four (picked at random). It was a two minute station workout with a minute rest in between and we had to do it twice. I was part of team 1 so we started with station one.

Station one was located on the planet Lilac where we had to do 2 minutes of Dumbbell Punches. These didn't sounds to difficult but after a minute your arms start to burn and when it hit two minutes they feel like jelly. We then made a quick stop at the planet Haven and rested for a minute before flying off to station two on Jiagyin where we had to do 2 minutes of Kettlebell Hi-Pulls. I wasn't going to make the same mistakes that I made with the Dumbbell Punches and grab a heavier weight, so I opted for my trusted yellow (26 pounds) kettlebell.

Again a minute in and your arms are burning and around two minutes you just want to stop. And during our visit to Jiangyin we ran into Reavers (which meant we had to take whatever we were working with and run a 140 meters in the parking lot). When you get back you have to finish the two minutes.

We then went back to Haven for a 1 minute rest before flying to our next station located on the  planet Persephone. This was probably one of the hardest things we did, Mace Squats. Of course I had to challenge myself so I went with a lighter mace (only 10 lbs) but held it at the very end which made doing the squats very difficult.

Another stay at Haven before moving on to the planet Osiris and our fourth station, here we had to so Medball Slams, these are different then Slamballs as these balls tend to bounce back up. First time I did one it bounced back into my face, almost knocked myself out. Unfortunately the Reavers attacked us while on this planet so we had to run with out loot (Medballs) and it wasn't easy.

After our quick rest on Haven we moved on to one of my favorite planets Ariel and our fifth and final station. Here we had to do Steelclub Overhead to Banner. These look easy but they really work your triceps.

Once we were done with station five we had to go back to station one and do it all over again but not before two more Reaver attacks before we finished. Overall it was a really good workout. Alot of work but over a good period of time so I didn't feel like I was going to die afterwards. In the end we were all Big Damn Heroes!!

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