Saturday, August 22, 2015

NerdStrong Pajama Party and Movie Night

Today is all about NerdStrong Gym. It started with my 10am workout. After the workout I headed home to eat my second breakfast before taking a shower and then heading over to fellow NerdStronger and friend Erin's place for a Pajama party.

I was the first to arrive and got into my Star Wars pajamas, shortly after more people arrived and we started the movie watching. Joining us for the PJ party was Erin and Mike (who is Erin's roommate), Lauren, Pooja, Brent and Matt. Joining the party late was Liz and Derek.

We had planned to watch Star Wars, the original trilogy on blu-ray but Erin was having trouble with her blu-ray player so we opted to watch X-Men Days of Future Past Rogue Edition, which I really wanted to see. And when I say we "watched it" I mean it played in the background while everyone talked about everything. It was a pretty awesome conversation.

It's always fun to see these guys outside of the gym as we really don't get to "hang out" while working out. When we are outside the gym you get to see the many personalities of the NerdStrongers. I mean we are all nerds to an certain extent, some more then others. Some are loud and outgoing while others are quieter and shy. Some are smart at a whip and others hilarious. It's such a wide range of people that it makes these get togethers pretty fantastic!!

After the PJ party I went back to NerdStrong Gym as they were having a screening of Serenity. If you know me you know I'm a HUGE Firefly fan so I couldn't miss this. I was bummed to see only a handful of people showed up but it was still a good time. Now I get to look forward to the Firefly themed workout tomorrow.

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  1. Your party seems to be a well-planned one. Went for a book launch party at one of the sober LA event venues last week. Liked the motivational speeches and lessons given by authors. Collection was amazing. Bought three editions. All guests were attended by the hosts in a generous way.