Friday, August 21, 2015

Traffic School, TNG in HD, Marvel Dubsmash War Continues

Since I'm off from NerdStrong this morning I took a few hours before work to do my online traffic school. I got a ticket back in April for doing a U-turn in front of my apartment (guess it's illegal). I considered fighting the tickets but decided on just paying it and doing traffic school. After one extension my due date is fast approaching so I took the time and did an online traffic school course. I haven't done traffic school in 20 years, the last time I did I actually went to a class as they didn't have "online" classes so this was my first online traffic school class. I mean they really get your on the costs as you pay your ticket fine, then pay an addition amount to opt to to do traffic school and then you have to pay for the traffic school course itself. In the end I spent around $400 of my hard earned money to get this all taken care of.

The class was pretty self explanatory. It was broken down into five sections. You had to read a few pages before taking a 5 question mini quiz before you could move on to the next section. The first two sections I read everything and got 100% on the quiz, so I figured I'd just go right to the quiz for section 3 and found out that was a mistake as I missed 2 questions and failed that section and had to start over again. So from that section on I read everything and continued to get my 100%. The final test was 25 questions and you have to complete it within 30 minutes. It was an open book test but I'm happy to say I only had to look back a few times for answers and I finished it within 10 minutes and got 24 of the 25 questions right and passed (I needed to get at least 70% right to pass). So that's all done and I'll check back in a week or so and make sure everything is processed and this ticket is closed.

Overall it was a good experience. I did learn some new things as the laws have changed over the years.. so that's good. I didn't like spending the money but I think in the long run it was the best option for me.

So I came across this awesome picture of Hayley Atwell in the Captain America suit. Of course it's photoshopped by I don't care. She's one of my favorite actress and characters on TV now and the love story between Captain America and Peggy is one of the best. I don't know who created this amazing picture.. but man do I love it.

And speaking of Hayley Atwell.. so the Agent Carter vs Agent's of Shield Dubsmash battle continues. If you have no idea what I'm talking about then read THIS blog post first. While they did the first one for fun and it was such a huge hit they decided to do another one for charity. They released a video explaining how it's all gonna work.. it's pretty hilarious... watch it below.

Super excited to read this news.. Star Trek The Next Generation remastered episodes are not being aired on Netflix. They are slowly replacing the older SD versions and hope to have all the HD episodes replaced soon. So now you can watch Star Trek The Next Generation in all it's HD glory. Can't wait to do a rewatch!!!

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