Friday, August 21, 2015

The Way He Looks Blu-Ray - My Review

If you've been reading my blog you know I'm obsessed with a movie I watched a few weeks ago called The Way He Looks. You can read my original blog post/review HERE. Well I got the blu ray today. And as soon as I got home from work I immediately started to watch the "bonus features".   

Here are the blu-ray specs...

DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
1080p HD
English Subtitles
Spanish Subtitles
Audio Descriptive Track in English

Bonus Features:
Deleted Scenes
Interview with Cast and Crew
Short Film: I Don't Want To Go Back Alone
Original Theatrical Trailer
First thing I watched were the deleted scenes. The directors starts by saying that the original cut of the film was 2 hours long but he cut out 25 minutes as he felt some of the scenes were repetitive. Not only did he cut out complete scenes but he also shorten a few scenes as well. Now we don't get all 25 minutes of deleted scenes which would be amazing but we do get about 15 minutes of deleted and extended scenes. I'm sure the director had his reasons to cut these scenes but I found some of them really help round out some characters. Three of the scenes that were cut were with Leo's grandmother and had some really emotional stuff in them. I wish we could get the completed 2 hour version as it would be really enjoyable to watch.

Next was the Behind the Scenes which was about 10 minutes long. Lots of hand held footage during their downtime. Nothing to exciting but we did get to see the actors interaction with each other, you could tell they were having a good time.

I then watched a Cast and Crew interview that looked to have been done here in Hollywood when they came for the release of the film in the US last year. Everyone spoke English and though the director spoke the most it was fun hearing the two lead male actors answer questions in English. The interview lasted about 26 minutes and you got some very cool BTS info about the making of this amazing movie.

I finally watched the short "I Don't Want To Go Back Alone". Of course I've watched this nearly everyday for the past few weeks but this was the first time I was watching it on TV, previously it was via You Tube/Computer... so that was awesome. Also I noticed that some of the subtitles were different from the youtube version.

And of course I had to watch the US trailer for the movie which I also saw on you tube many times.

Another special feature on this blu ray was the Audio Descriptive Track in English. This is used for the visually impaired person who is watching the movie. I had never watched a movie with this track before. It had a guy describing the scenes while a woman recited the dialogue. I thought it was an amazing idea but these guys were less then stellar. First of all the guy needed to be more descriptive, most of his descriptions were vague and confusing. If I was visually impaired I feel like I'd only get a 1/3 of what is happening from his description. The women doing the dialogue was a little better but since she didn't really do voices (until towards the end) it made it difficult to know who was talking. She would paraphrase stuff or not read some dialogue at all. I felt like they were doing this in one take as at times she would talk over the guy and then stop and let him finish or she would miss read something and then re-read it again. The guy mislabeled people from time to time to the point that I found it frustrating. I don't know who produced this audio track but there was a lot of room for improvement. I found myself talking out loud to the TV.. giving better descriptions of the scene. I found it disappointing that if I were visually impaired I wouldn't have enjoyed this movie since you're only being conveyed a small part of it.

Anyways love the movie, love the blu ray and all the extras. Do I wish there were more.. of course but for being an independent movie we got quite a few of really nice extras. I would highly recommend buying the blu-ray not only for the beautiful HD quality picture but for the fun behind the scenes extras. A++++++ for me.

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