Monday, August 17, 2015

Falkor Plushie, TNG Pillow & Empathy

Came across a few cool geeky items.. first one is Falkor plushie from The Neverending Story (one of my favorite fantasy movies). At first I thought it was for the actual plushie but further investigation I found out it's just for the pattern and instructions on how to create your own. I mean for the price it's a great deal but you need to be a bit crafty to pull it off and my levels of craftiness are well below making that awesome thing. I read that when she initially put this up on Etsy she got over 1500 requests and she can only make about 12 a month at best so that's why she is only offering the pattern and instructions. Click HERE to check out her Etsy store. And if you're able to make me one of these.. I'll love you forever!!

The second one is a Star Trek The Next Generation throw pillow. I saw a picture of my friends Kiki and Brendan's new kitty and in that picture was the cute kitty but also this awesome pillow.. so of course I had to look them up. It's actually not a bad price.. definitely going on my must buy list. You can buy you're very own pillow HERE.

And lastly I want to share this video that I came across on Facebook. I've always felt that I am a very emphatic person, it's one of the few qualities I prize about myself. I think this video does a great job at explaining the difference between Empathy and Sympathy.

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