Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Felicia Day's Book Signing

So I got out of work a little early to head to Felicia Day's book signing out in Hollywood. I had pre-ordered and picked up my book last week and I also got a "line" ticket to get in line to get her autograph, I as number 104. I got to the book store early so I decided to go for a walk and see if I could find a place to eat. It was interesting walking around this part of Hollywood (Vermont & Hollywood Blvd) as it's very hipstery. The food took a little longer to get so when I got back to the bookstore it was already past the start time and the place we packed. I managed to just squeeze in the front door so I could kind of hear Felicia doing her Q&A's before the signing. That last about an hour and then they started with the signing. I knew it would be a while since I was 104 and they were lining up 10 numbers at a time.

I ran into my friend Diana who was in the 200's so we got to chat for bit. My friend Lydia was 50 so I got to see her on her way out. I got in line when they asked for numbers 100 to 125. The place was small and the line was kind of weird, they had us start on one side and then get to the front where Felicia was but then you went to the other side and to the back of the line and made your way up to Felicia again. She saw me in the first line and gave me a big smile and wave. It was another fifteen minutes or so before I got back to the front and finally got my time with Felicia.

I got a big hug from her (everyone was jealous), she mentioned that she had a book set aside for me already but I told her that I wanted to support her and this bookstore. She signed my book and told me that I was mentioned in an earlier draft of the book but had to be cut. But she said she would send me the exerts. We only had a few minutes to chat but she complimented me on my weight lose and I congratulated her on the success of her book. She mentioned that she is trying to get the Guildie group together for a bowling party or something... let's hope that happens.

I said my goodbye and headed out of the store but ran into a few more friends and chatted for a bit before heading home around 9:30pm.

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