Sunday, August 16, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - The Last Crusade

Today is our final Indiana Jones workout called "Welcome to the Last Crusade" Like with our other Indiana Jones works out this one is done in teams, this time teams of two (Indy and his father Henry). I teamed up with one of my regular teammates Lauren as we are pretty suited for each other when it comes to exercise and skill.

How this all worked, while one of your teammates held a 95 pound barbell at the top of a Deadlift the other would go to the temple and choose a cup (there were about 30 index cards with cups drawn on them). When you turned the card over there was some sort of exercise on it in which both you and your partner had to do. It would vary from 80 Jump Squats (meaning 40 per partner) to 60 Burpees to Rest for 60 seconds and go around and tell everyone how Awesome they are. While you were doing the task your partner is standing there holding the heavy barbell until you finish and then you get to hold the barbell while they do the other half of the exercise.

It's a completely random workout because as you pick a cup and read what you have to do, a coach is standing their to move it around so you can't pick it up again. Even if you remember what the cup looked like they created several of the same cups so you were never really sure what you were going to pick... it was pretty ingenious. So depending on what cups you choose your workout could be horrible or extremely light.

Though Lauren and I got three rests we did get a few doozies like 80 Jump Squats or 60 Burpees and we also got several of the same exercise over again.

Overall it was a great workout and we were both exhausted by the time the 30 minute time cap ended.

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