Saturday, August 15, 2015

DanceStrong 2 Electric Boogaloo

Tonight a bunch of us from NerdStrong went out dancing for a second time.. hence the name DanceStrong 2. As with the first DanceStrong we went to a gay club called Oil Can Harry's out in Studio City. It's usually a country and western bar but on Saturdays they do Retro Disco.

I arrived with Anne, Naomi, Patty and Brett but soon more NerdStrongers showed up. From 8 to 10pm the drinks are half price so we took advantage of that. I bought a round of shots of Fireball Whiskey and before the hour was up I had already had 3 shots of Fireball Whiskey and 2 Malibu and Pineapples.... I was feeling pretty good. We danced from 8:30 to midnight with very little stoppage. Leo showed up with her adorable husband and a bunch a friends to celebrate completing their finals. We all danced the night away...

Around midnight everyone headed up stairs to karaoke. I stayed down stairs dancing with Brett when I ran into my buddy Martin who just happen to be there. Brett went upstairs to met up with the group and I soon followed. It was hot upstairs and I could only last so long. It was just after 12:30am and Derek mentioned that he was heading home. I asked if I could hitch a ride back to my place and he was more then happy to accommodate me. I got home, watched my new favorite short film "I don't want to go back alone" before calling it a night.

Thanks to all who showed up for DanceStrong 2 Electric Boogaloo.. I was going to attempt to write everyone's name down but I would enviably forget someone.. anyways they know who they are. I can't wait for DanceStrong The Third.

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