Monday, August 10, 2015

Shrinking Waist, Facebook Fun & Pop! Friends

So I haven't lost a single pound in the past two months, I'm still hovering at 189. It frustrates me to no end but I can't complain because I may not be losing weight but I am losing fat. This morning when I put on my jeans I realized that I have a bit of extra room in them. I originally was pushing 38 waist for pants, but a few months ago I went down to 36 waist.. but now those 36's are now lose and it look like I'm going to have to try on 34 waist and see if I'm comfortable in them. So though I'm not "losing" weight via the scale my body is changing.. so that's cool.

It's coach Andrew's birthday today and fellow NerdStronger Brent took a high school picture of Andrew and changed out his profile picture on Facebook.. so of course more of us did it and soon there were 16 profile pictures all the same. It made for some fun Facebooking because it looked as though Andrew was posting like crazy. Just another reason why I love my NerdStrong family.

Last thing I wanted to share was the announcement of Pop! Figures for the series Friends... how awesome are those!!! I'm trying to limit what I buy in the Pop! series because there are so many amazing Pop! Figures but these might be a must buys for me. I love Friends and have seen every single episode not once, not twice but multiple times. I must have little Monica, little Phoebe, little Rachel, little Chandler, little Joey and little Ross.

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