Sunday, August 9, 2015

Why I Love This Movie

So after my workout and brunch I planned to do nothing. I had a few chores around the apartment but I was gonna watch some movies on Netflix like I did last weekend. So I sat down and connected Netflix and started to scroll through some of "My List" movies to see if anything peaked my interest. As I was clicking through the movies I came across "The Way He Looks". Of course I watched this last Saturday and loved it so much that I've been watching it and the short "I don't want to go home alone" on youtube for the past week. So with out even thinking I hit play and watched it not only once but twice in a row, back to back. You can read my initial blog post about it HERE.

There is just something about this movie that makes me happy. If I'm having a tough day at work all I have to do is think about a scene and my mood is instantly brighten. I can't recall a movie ever having that effect of me. Of course I love alot of movies and some will be with me for life but there is just something about this movie that speaks to me.

One possibility is that I identify with the main character Leo. I mean I'm not blind (thankfully) but when I was his age 15/16 all I wanted to do was find that special someone and have my first kiss...  unfortunately it never happened for me. I remember every year starting around age 15 I would tell myself that I would find that special someone this year (in my head it was a girl but in my heart it was a boy). And each year would pass and nothing would happen.. this went on years until around age 27 when I had had enough and came out. I wasn't brave enough to accept who I was when I was younger but Leo is. So the fact that Leo is so young and makes the choice to be who he is with no fear is probably one of the reasons why I love this movie so much.. He's me but with a better ending the ending I always wish I had.

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