Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Way He Looks - Amazing Movie - My Thoughts

Okay now it's time to talk about my favorite movie I watched today... "The Way He Looks" This is by far my favorite coming-of-age films of all time. The Way He Looks is a beautifully told Brazilian film that follows Leonardo, a blind boy dealing with the everyday struggles of life due to his disability. He is teased and ridiculed by others in his high school on a daily basis, and his best friend, Giovana, stands by his side every step of the way-physically and metaphorically.

Yet, Leonardo yearns for independence. He longs to discover the world, and moreover, discover himself. His life slowly begins to change as he befriends a new student, Gabriel. The two instantly click and become extremely close friends, sparking jealously from Giovana and afflicted feeling from Leonardo as he attempts to make sense of his thoughts, experiences, and sexuality.

The Way He Looks is a subtle yet magnificent tale about friendship, love, and hardship, and it is one that is flawlessly presented with sentimental and humanistic meaning. I can't stop praising this film. It's been a long time since I have been moved by such an amazing film.

As I mentioned it's a Brazilian film and the language spoken is Portuguese (with English subtitles) but that didn't stop me from falling in love with these characters and story. The main three actors are amazing especially the one who plays Leo (the blind boy). He's acting is incredible and I actually had to look this actor up to see if he truly was blind (he's not btw), just goes to show you how amazing of a job he did.

There are so many scenes that I just loved but I don't want this blog to go on forever so I'll try and just pick a few of my very favorite.. the first one is early on in the film where Leo is taking a shower and then starts to practice kissing on the shower door. It's a very tender moment and the music that accompanies this scene is just beautiful. That's one of many things that I loved about this movie, the music is perfect in ever scene. Another amazing scene is when Leo is out with Gabriel "watching" an eclipse and Leo asks Gabriel what does it mean "The Moon disappears" and Gabriel comes up with a cool way to explain an eclipse to a blind person. It was just a very sweet moment.

Another incredible scene, that is not only shot and lighted beautifully but has the perfect music and the acting is amazing without a single word being said is when Leo is by himself in his bedroom just getting home from "watching" the eclipse and Gabriel left his hoodie in his room. He gently picks it up, puts it up against his face and inhales deeply. He then gets undressed and puts the hoodie on and lays down in his bed as though he is being embraced by Gabriel.. it's just an amazing moment of self awareness.

There are so many touching scenes in this movie but I'll try and limit how many I talk about because you all are gonna watch this film. A great moment that is very sweet is when Leo's dad helps him shave or when Leo is upset because everyone is controlling him and no one wants to kiss him so Gabriel kiss hims unexpectedly but then runs off.

And then you finally get the big moment when Gabriel expresses his interest in Leo (in a very cute and sweet way) and Leo stands and in one of the sweetest, gentlest and loving things I've ever seen, kisses Gabriel and they embrace... make me tear up just thinking about it.

I can go on and on about this movie, if you couldn't tell...

I obviously don't blog each night (I tend to play catch up after a week) and it's been five days since I watched this movie and I have watched it everyday since.. sometimes multiple times in the day. I honestly can't remember a movie that has touched me so much as this one did and still does ever time I watch it.

I've done a bit a research over the past five days and found out is this movie is based off a short that came out in 2010 called "I Don't Want to Go Back Alone". Of course I had to find it and luckily enough it's on You Tube.. It has the same three main actors but of course they are 3 years younger then they are in the 2014 movie. It's a similar theme but of course it's only 17 minutes compared to the hour and a half movie, but I love every minute of it. The only downside to loving this movie is finding stuff online like interviews with the cast and crew but since it's native language is Portuguese I don't understand a word they are saying. Speaking of Portuguese I'm actually learning some words because I've watched this movie so many times already.

Anyways.. watch the short below (like I said it's 17 minutes and well worth your time). Then find the movie on Netflix (it's new there) or else where and watch it. You won't be disappointed. I give The Way He Looks a HUGE A++++++++++ (and I'd keep going with the pluses but that would be obnoxious)

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