Sunday, August 2, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Dodging a Boulder

Today is the Indiana Jones workout. This was my very first "team" work out back in February when I started. Unfortunately I did not complete it and was ran over by the boulder which meant I had to do the 30x Wall balls, but since I was new (literally my second workout) coach Andrew took pity on me and said I didn't have to do them.. but coach Marla didn't agree with him and wasn't going to let me slide so she made me do 30x Air Squats :) instead.

Anyways after the warm up that felt like a mini workout with 20x Jumping Jacks, 20x Seal Jacks, 10x Air Squats, 10x Lunges, 10x Samson Stretch and 5x Inch Worms we moved onto the actually workout.

This one has a 12 minute time limit. If you can't complete the workout within that time limit you are crushed and have to do the wall balls. I teamed up with one of my usual team mates Lauren. She and I have are pretty similar with our fitness capabilities. We had to choose what we were going to do before we actually started. I opted for the "Hard" workout with one modification to the Sit Ups, I opted to do only 12 instead of the 20 since I'm rather slow at doing sit ups.

So what I had to do was five rounds of 5x Burpees, 10x Box Jumps, 15x Kettlebell Swings and 12x Sit Ups. The time started and I did my first round, as Lauren was doing her first round coach Andrew came over and asked how many times I had gone.. I said once and now Lauren is going. Come to find out that one person was suppose to do all 5 rounds of this at one time and then your partner would do their 5 rounds afterwards. But it wasn't just us who misunderstood, about half the class was doing our way. So she finished her first round and I started my second, third, fourth and my fifth. Time was running out as I struggled to finish my final 12 sit ups. They called time and I finished my final four sit ups seconds after my time had run out but because Lauren had done one of her rounds during my time (which took a few minutes) I actually considered getting done a minute and a half before the 12 minute limit, so I finished before the boulder got me... woot!!!

Lauren then did her final 4 rounds well within the 12 minute time limit and there was almost three minutes still left so I decided to do a bonus 6th rounds with the full 20 sit ups after she finished.

Overall I was very happy with the results of my second attempt at the Indiana Jones workout. Unlike last time where I did all the "easy" stuff, This time I did the majority of the "hard" workouts and still finished in about 10 and a half minutes.

Only 3 people from the 10am class were crushed by the boulder.. so the majority escaped. Can't wait to do this workout again in another six months.. see if I can improve upon my time even more.

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