Tuesday, August 11, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - It's DEX Time!!!

Today's DEX class was a good one. There was a lot to do in an hour span. We started with what felt like a mini workout. After Banded Good Mornings and Shin Box we did 2 rounds of 4x Perfect Stretch, 6x Push Ups and 8x Sit Ups.

We then got into the actual workout which was broken down into four segments. The first segment was a 3 minute Jump Rope, we started off easy for a minute and then slowed down even more and did high jumps for a minute before doing the final minute as fast as possible. I'm usual good at jumping rope but today I was running into all sorts of problems. I think the rope I was using was a bit to long and kept tripping me up. I'll try a different rope next time.

The second segment was a 15 minute EMOM (Every Minute On The Minute). We had to do one 2 handed Kettlebell Get Up. I had done something similar a few months ago with but for that we did it with one arm. This time you had to hold the kettlebell close to your chest and try and sit up and then get to your knees and then finally stand all the way up while keeping the kettlebell close. The tricky part was doing the reverse and lying back down on the floor without falling over. Once you got he six movements down going up and back down it wasn't that bad. The hardest part was just sitting up with a 26 lbs weight on your chest.

The third segment was 3 rounds of 12x Ballistic Rows 7 10x Kettlebell Reverse Lunge with Forward Press. Ballistic Rows aren't that bad once you get into a rhythm. But the Reverse Lunges with Forward Press were killers. I was using a 26 lbs kettlebell and that was almost to much weight for me to press in front of me. But with some effort I managed to do the two rounds.

The final segment was :30 seconds on and :30 seconds of rest. We had to do 4 rounds of Clap Pick Ups and then 4 rounds of Flutter Kicks. I did 2 rounds of Clap Push Ups before moving down to just regular Push Ups. The Flutter Kicks were painful but I did mange to do them for the entire 4 rounds.

Overall it was a fantastic workout, perfect for a DEX workout.

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