Sunday, August 9, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Temple of Doom

Today's workout was another Indiana Jones workout but this time Temple of Doom themed.

After a warm up we were broken up into teams of three. I was teamed up with John and Jen. We all had to take on one of the three personas; Indiana Jones, Willie and ShortRound. John was Indy, Jen was Willie and I was ShortRound. This comes into play later.

For the workout itself we had to do 99x Push Ups, 99x Goblet Squats, 99x One Arm Kettlebell Press' and then 99x Burpee's before we could escaped. Also inbetween each set we had to run with the Sankara Stone (Kettlebell) around the parking lot (230 meters) while the other two did Sit Ups until the person returned. The other fun thing that would happen is that coach Andrew would role a 20 sided die and if it landed on your team number you got crushed by the rock grinder which meant your team had to do x15 more of whatever workout you are on.

John, Jen and I lined up and got into our push up position. John did #1 push up, Jen did #2 push up then I did #3 push up and we'd started all over again with John and #4 push up and so on. We did this round robin type of thing for all 99 push ups. I had a great team and none of us stopped once to rest. We just kept going until we hit that magic number 99.

Since John was Indy he was first to run with the Sankara Stone while Jen and I did sit ups. It's only a few minutes run but it feels like forever when you're doing sit ups. During this time coach Andrew rolled the 20 sided die and our team was spared.

We then lined up and grabbed our Kettlebells for Goblet Squats. I'm sure it looked funny as one of us would drop down into a squat and awhile that person was coming back up the next would go down. Again like with the push ups my team didn't stop until we hit 99. And once again our team was spared the 20 sider so no extra squats for us.

Now it was Willie's (Jen) turn to run while John and I did sit ups. Every time someone got back from a run we'd all grab some water and take a minute of rest to prepare for the next workout.

Next was the 1 arm kettlebell press, for these we'd do about ten on one arm and then switch the kettlebell to the other arm. We were getting tired but we took these one at a time... John, Jen and Me over and over again until we finally hit 99. Unfortunately as we were finishing up the 20 sider die got us and we had to do 15 extra one arm kettlebell press' before we could move on to our next task.

Now it was my turn to run with the Sankara Stone and I used a 26 lbs kettlebell to carry around the parking lot. I tried to run as quickly as possible as I knew my team mates were back doing sit ups.

Once I was back we moved on to our final exercise, Burpees. The three of us were exhausted but we continued to move forward, a few times we lost count but quickly regained our numbers. There was no better feeling then when John did #97 Burpee, Jen did #98 Burpee and I got to do #99 Burpee and we were done.

We were actually the first team to finish but quickly after others were done as well. There was one final team left so we all rallied around them while they did their last 20 or so Burpees. This is one of many reasons why I love this gym.. we're all about team work and supporting each and every person.. it's pretty awesome.

Today's workout was fantastic, I love themed workouts and also team workouts and this was both. Thanks coach Andrew and everyone else for your continued support.. NerdStrong Gym Rocks!!!

Side note.. it's coach Andrews birthday tomorrow so at the end of the class I lead everyone in singing Happy Birthday to him and as you can see from the picture above we also gave him a group hug (fyi he hates hugs).

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