Sunday, August 9, 2015

NerdStrong Brunch

It's kind of become a tradition after our 10am Sunday workouts at NerdStrong Gym for a group of us to go out for some yummy brunch afterwards. Sometimes we have just four of us but today we got a group of 16 going. Depending on how many people join us determines where we go. If we have less then eight we walk to a local cafe called Hungry Fox. For larger groups like today we drive to a place called Corky's.

It's always a blast hanging out with NerdStrongers outside of the gym settings. At the gym we get to joke around and chat a bit but you really don't get to "know" someone that way. I actually see some of these folks more then anyone else in my life so it's always nice when you get a few hours to hang out and really get to know that person. It's also fun to see the various personalities that go to NerdStrong.

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