Friday, August 14, 2015

Fun Lunch, Twin Peaks Poster & Captain America Pocket Watch

I got to have lunch with my new friend John. We are both NerdStronger and since he and I are similar in height we tend to be paired up alot. Like with a handful of other people at NerdStrong Gym we instantly clicked. He's been thinking about changing careers into post audio and he knows I'm a post supervisor so he asked if he could take me out to lunch and pick my brain. We met up at the Sherman Oaks Galleria at 1pm and decided that we were going to eat some tasty burgers at Fuddruckers. This was the first time that John and I got to hang outside of the gym.

It was pretty awesome.. we talked about everything... It was really interesting to hear about his life, how he met his wife and what it is like being a new papa. I found out that he's a musician and plays quite a few instruments, including my favorites piano and violin. I got to share some fact about my life, the struggle and conflicts I had of coming out and just general geeky things. And yes we did talk about post production as well.

It was great getting to know him better, this is definitely the start a pretty awesome friendship.

In geeky news... Showtime released a teaser poster for the upcoming "limited-series" of the third season of Twin Peaks. It's not much but man it got me excited for it's return. I really need to do a re-watch as it's been a few years since I watched it last. It's not going to be out until late 2016 so that should give me plenty of time to watch the two seasons.

Just over a month ago I saw an ad on Facebook for this really cool looking Captain America pocket watch. When I read the ad it said you could get it for free for a limit time. Of course my first thought was "yeah right" nothing is free but I clicked on the link figuring it wouldn't hurt to investigate more. You actually did get it for free and all you had to do was pay for shipping. So I figured shipping would be crazy but it really wasn't. They wanted $9.99 to ship and that's it. As I was typing in my personal info I figured I'd wind up on a ton of junk mailings as I couldn't figure out how these people made any money offer this item for free, but this is just a draw for you to visit their website. So I went ahead and did it and I have to say I'm so glad I did, I got the pocket watch today and it's pretty fantastic!!! It nicely made and had a bit of weight to it. I don't plan on using it on a regular bases but I can see me carrying it around from time to time. You can grab one for yourself while supplies last HERE.

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