Sunday, August 16, 2015

Spending Time With Family

After the Indy workout I went home to shower before heading out to visit family. It's been a few weeks and as you know I like to visit my family every few weeks. It was hot outside and when I got to Riverside it was 112 degrees. When I got to my brothers no one was there and the door was locked. I rang the bell a few times before texting my dad and a few minutes later he came wandering out of his bedroom to unlock the door. He totally forgot that I was coming to visit today. I told him I was going to take him out for this birthday lunch. So he got ready and we headed to our favorite Chinese place Hong Kongs.

We had a nice lunch and when we got back my brother and his family were still not home. So I texted my sister-in-law Lora and asked if they were returning anytime soon and she said they'd be home in 20 minutes so I just hung out and waited. A half hour passed and I heard my niece and nephew at the front door so I went to them and both of them yelled uncle Kenny and gave me a big hug (that will never get old). As I mentioned it was hot outside so we couldn't go outside to play but I got to hang out with the entire family and chat. Molly (my niece) painted my finger nails and then my nephew Kenobi got in on the action and painted two on my other hand before calling it quits. Molly was very generous with the nail polish. Afterward she helped me remove the nail polish. I got to spend a few hours with them and as always it was a nice time.

When I got home I of course watched the movie I am completely obsess with that I have watched (in part or completely) everyday for the past three weeks The Way He Looks. I can't get enough of that amazing movie. It was the perfect way to end my weekend.

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