Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day

Christmas Day started off great.. the kids got up around 7ish and started going through their stockings, we were waiting for my mom and Chuck to arrive before opening gifts. Well they didn't get there until around 9am. Though they were late they did bring us much needed breakfast.

We got into opening gifts and as usual it turned into a free for all. I try and organize and give everyone a gift and then one at a time you open the gift and everyone gets to see what it is. The kids were going crazy, I was handing out gifts left and right and not seeing what people were getting. It's was a kind of controlled (or not so controlled) chaos. But it was fun seeing Molly's reaction to each and everyone of her gifts, she unwrap it, then want to open it and play with it. Kenobi would be excited for a second but then just wanted to move on to the next one and then the next one.

After gift giving the kids started to open up and play with their various toys. Lora got the turkey going and everything kind of settled down for a bit. Kenobi asked that I put together this ski-ball type of game. The instructions were a pictograph and really didn't explain anything. I tried for a half hour to get it together and then Kenobi started to whine and he kept trying to play it while I as putting it together. I asked him over and over again to please stop and wait until I was finished but he kept doing it. I told him if he did it one more time I was just going to walk away. Not two second later he did it again. I stood up and said.. that's it.. and walked away.

About fifteen minutes later he came to his mom and asked if she would put it together. I explained to her that I was having difficulties with it and he kept insisting on playing with it while I was putting it together.

Kenobi continued to aggravate me with his disobedience and my temper rose (which is very unusual for me, I'm more a mild tempered guy). I went to talk to Lora (as she was trying to put the thing together) she said something that rubbed me the wrong way and I snapped back. This was a first, Lora has never snapped at me and I've never snapped back at her.. it didn't feel good. I went into the living room where my brother was and started to pack up my bag. I had had enough. I told Michael that Kenobi had pushed me over the edge and that I think it was time for me to leave.. I was livid. (It wasn't anything in particular, I think it was a build up of how Kenobi had been acting all day).

Molly then came over to me with her big smile and asked if I wanted to play with her.. the anger dissipated and I of course said yes. The rest of the day got exponentially better from that point on. Kenobi was still being a punk but I was much better at ignoring is attitude. Dinner was fantastic (Lora did an amazing job), we spent the late afternoon watching The Good Dinosaur. Which I enjoyed but it didn't feel like a Pixar movie to me.

Overall with the exception of a few rough patches this Christmas was pretty good.

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