Monday, December 21, 2015

Box Office Records & Downton Abbey vs Cards Against Humanity

I guess you can say that Star Wars The Force Awakens has broken a few records.

Largest Thursday Previews: $57 million
Largest Friday, Opening Day, Single Day: $119.1 million
Largest Sunday: $60.5 million
Domestic Opening Weekend: $247.9 million
Worldwide Opening Weekend: $529 million
Highest Per Theater Average (Wide Opening): $59,982
Top Opening Weekend for PG-13 Rated Film: $247.9 million
Top Holiday Opening Weekend: $247.9 million
December Single Day: $119.1 million
Widest December Opening: 4,134 theaters
December Opening Weekend: $247.9 million
Fastest to $100 Million: 1 Day
Global IMAX Opening Record: $48 million
Domestic IMAX Opening Record: $30.1 million

I got three more screeners today.. Hateful 8, Joy and Mad Max Fury Road. I've seen Mad Max and loved it so I'm really happy to have a copy of that. I'm not a big fan of Tarantino so I'm not in any hurry to watch that one. And I really don't know much about Joy other then it stars Jennifer Lawrence and is based on a true story. It getting lots of Oscar buzz so I am looking forward to watching this one.

My friend Leo posted a video on my Facebook timeline, I usually don't like when people do that but this one was Downton Abbey related so I didn't mind. It's three of the cast members playing Cards Against Humanity. Now I've seen a previous video of three other cast members playing the game and it was hilarious so it doesn't suprise me that they did it again with different actors. The first one had Lesley Nicol,  Phyllis Logan and

Now there is part two with Michelle Dockery, Allen Leech and Kevin Doyle and it's hilarious.. the reactions to the cards is my favorite part.

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