Sunday, December 20, 2015

John's Baking Party & Dinner with Adam

Today I went over to my buddy John's place. He and his wife Lauren were having their annual "Baking" party. They invite a bunch of their friends over to partake in tasty desserts. Some were gluten free, others were vegan and some were just plain bad (as in good) all around. I had a little bit of everything (I mean I couldn't be rude).

I only knew a few people (our mutual friend Lauren and John's wife Lauren) and I'm usually very uncomfortable at parties where I don't know nobody. But John and Lauren's friends were very nice and welcoming and by the end of the night I made a few new friends. I hung out the entire party (1pm to 6pm) and a bit after.. they had to kick me out :). During the party they played holiday movies, I also got to hang out with baby Neil (who I adore).. it was some good times. Thanks John for the invite.

After the party I went out to dinner with my buddy Adam (who is visiting from Seattle). I went and saw Star Wars with him last night and tonight we wanted to grab some dinner and get some one on one time. We decided to go to Chevy's which is kind of funny since that was the last place we went to right before he moved up to Seattle (kind of like a going away dinner). Guess we both love our Mexican food. As always it was a nice dinner and some fun and always interesting conversations. Thanks Adam for making time for us to hang out on your trip south. Can't wait until you're next visit.

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