Saturday, December 19, 2015

Space Shuttle Endeavour & 3rd Viewing of Star Wars The Force Awakens

Today I took a field trip to the California Science Center with some friends. Our main goal was to see the Space Shuttle Endeavour. So I met up with Lauren, Brent, Leo and her husband Andy at the North Hollywood Metro station. Not only has no one seen Endeavour but Lauren had never been on the Los Angeles Subway (Metro) so I figured we'd kill two birds with one stone as the Metro let's you off right behind the Science Center.

So we made our way to the Science Center and got there around a half hour before our viewing time for Endeavour so we headed to the gift shop and did a bit of shopping. We then went up to the Endeavour area where they have various cool items from Endeavour like a space toilet with an accompanying video of how it works. There were several other cool items with videos. They had a mock setup of mission control, a few simulators and one of my favorite things a timeline on the wall of each mission that Endeavour had completed. At the end of the tour is a screening room where you can watch how the Space Shuttle was delivered to the Science Center, I've seen it many times but it always amazes me.

Once you're done there you head down stairs to the hanger area where the actual space shuttle is. Now this is my fourth time seeing this beautiful vehicle and it make me tear up every time and today was no different. I think everyone had the same reaction.. you just can't prepare yourself for this seeing this majestic bird that has actually flown in space. The group spent a good hour walking about and checking out the shuttle. Like with the timeline upstairs with Endeavour missions they have a timeline around the entire hanger of all of the Space Shuttle missions. We stopped by the gift shop in the Endeavour section before heading back to the Science Center to check out the other exhibits, mostly the other space ones. We also did the Earthquake simulator room and had to see what we looked in in infrared before calling it a day and heading back to the metro. Overall it was a fun day hanging with some great friends.

When we got back to North Hollywood, Brent, Lauren and I grabbed some lunch at Chipotles before heading back to my place to hang for a few.

Later in the evening I headed out to the Sherman Oaks Arclight to see Star Wars The Force Awakens for my third time. This time I was seeing it with my buddy Adam who was visiting from Seattle as well as a few other friends. I had never sat so high up in the theater (row U) but once I was there the seats weren't to bad. And again like with my second viewing I loved it even more. I saw more things and heard the now infamous Yoda and ObiWan voices during Rey's vision. The more I see of this movie the more I love it.. don't know when I'll be seeing it for my fourth time but I know it will be soon.

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