Friday, December 18, 2015

Twin Peaks Teaser, Negative Comments & 2nd Viewing of Force Awakens

Showtime released a teaser trailer for the upcoming season three of Twin Peaks.. it really is just a teaser but still get's me excited for the new season.. I've waited 25 years for this.

So the new Star Wars came out and with most Star Wars movies everyone loves it at first sight. On social media I was seeing 95% praise and 5% complaints but as the day went on and though people kept saying "I loved it".. they would add.. "but..." and then go into what they hated about the movie.

It goes me thinking.. why is it easier to talk negative then positive, at least for what feels like the majority of the people out there. I joined a Facebook group of friends who wanted to talk about the new Star Wars but didn't want to spoil anything so in this group only people who had seen it could join. Sounded like a great idea and at first it was. Folks were talking about their excitement for the new movie and how much they loved it but then the negativity started and once someone started many jumped on the bandwagon. Now I'm not saying that you can't critic something but why must it be all negative. Most of the conversations started with I loved the movie but.. ::spew of negativity:: Instead of saying well I loved the movie because of this and that but I wasn't a fan of this or that. I'd be okay with that.. you tell us what you loved about it and then explain what you didn't like about and then a fun debate can happen. Instead.. one person says they hated this and then other jumps on and agrees and then added their two cents and the next thing I know twenty people are talking nothing but negativity towards a movie. And of course this goes for any form of entertainment, TV shows, Movies, Music, Theater and so on. It's as though being mean is easier then being nice and I just don't get it. Maybe my brain doesn't work that way. When I watch something or hear something I pick up the good and the things I liked and that's what I think about.. why think about the things I didn't like.

Today after work I headed to a PGA (Producer's Guild of America) screening of Star Wars The Force Awakens (2nd Viewing). This time is was in 2D at the Writers Guild Theater. I brought my buddy John along for the ride. We got there an hour and a half early and there was already a line waiting to get it.. which is crazy. Usually I get there an hour early and am up at the front of the line. But when we got into the theater we found some nice seats in the middle, middle. There was going to be a Q&A afterwards (with unknown guests) so we wanted to sit close enough to enough the chat but far away to enjoy the movie.

I'm not going to go into details about my thoughts on the movie as you can read my review in a previous blog but I will say that I enjoyed it even more the second time. I think knowing what was going to happen allowed me to sit back and just enjoy the ride.

Now for the Q&A before the movie started they announced who would be there. I of course was hoping J.J. would be in attendance and then John mentioned that maybe Kasden would show up. I didn't even think about him but it would be awesome to hear his stories. So when they announced who the guests would be both John and I were very excited. After the movie we did an Q&A with J.J. Abrams, Bryan Burk, Tommy Harper, Lawrence Kasden, Kathleen Kennedy, and Michelle Rejwan.

They talked for about a half hour and it was awesome. I could listen to J.J. talk about movies all day. Kasden had some amazing stories and Kathleen Kennedy really knows her stuff. Bryan, Tommy and Michelle really didn't say much but with three larger then life personalities on the panel it was to be excepted. One of my favorite moments was when someone in the audience asked if she had heard Yoda and ObiWan voice in Rey's vision. J.J. looked at Kathleen with a grin on his face, they put their heads together and whispered back and forth. He then was going to say something but Kathleen motioned him back and they continued to whisper before he said into the mic... "Yes!!!" and that was it. It was a very ominous yes, like there was more behind it. Both John and I had a great time at both of our second viewings and the amazing Q&A.

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