Friday, December 18, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - My Weekly Recap

This week I workout out Saturday (CON), Sunday (TEAM), Tuesday (DEX), Wednesday (CON), Wednesday (PILATES) and Thursday (STG).

First up was a CON workout, we are continuing our Big Boss Battles but this time around we took on the baby boss which is the easiest of the big bosses but that's not really saying much.. even the baby bosses are tough. This Saturday class was by far the smallest I've seen in a while. I guess the holidays are starting to take their tolls.

Sunday workout means themed workouts.. this time around in celebration of Christmas we did a Die Hard workout. It was titled Die Hard "40 Burpees of Sheer Action" It involved Running, 30x Plank Ups, 31x Step ups, 32x Kettlebell Swings and of course lots of Burpees. We partnered up because one of us was John McClane and the other Sgt. Al Powell. I partnered up with my buddy John (we tend to partner up alot, very similar is strength, height and endurance.. and ideal partner). 

Our goal is to get as many Twinkies as possible because for every Twinkie we get, we get to remove two burpees from our "40 Burpees of Sheer Action" which we do at the end of the workout. So while one of us (McClane) was doing the Plank Ups or Step Ups or Kettlebell Swings the other (Powell) was running around the parking lot (230 meters). So for example John (McClane) started with Plank Ups and I (Powell) ran around the parking lot. When I got back we would switch places and I (now McClane) would start from where he left off.. we'd continue this until we did one complete round of 30 Plank Ups, 31 Step Ups & 32 Kettlebell Swings. When we finished we got two Twinkies and we started all over again. John and I managed to get 6 rounds done which meant we got 12 Twinkies and removed 12 burpees from the 40 we had to do, which left us only 28 burpees each which we did together.  

Tuesdays DEX workout was all about the legs. It was the Frogger workout which I have done several times in the past. Lots of Wall Squats, Air Squats, Jump Squats, Lunges, Frog Hops, Split Jumps and Burpees. It's a lot for the legs and by the time you're done they feel like jello.

Wednesday CON workout was a doozy but I wouldn't expect anything less. We did the 3 minutes Burpee test..which means you do Burpees for three minutes straight. Coach asked us to set a number in the first minute and then do the same amount each minute. I hit 6 burpees in my first minute but only manged 5 the minute after that and then 5 more the minute after that.. so I did 16 burpees in 3 minutes.. it was exhausting. And then afterwards we teamed up into groups of 3 and rotated with Rowing, Wall Balls and Box Jumps. We had to do 5 rounds.. it was rough. 
Wednesday PILATES was fantastic as always. This is the last one of the year. So much core workout.

Thursdays STG workout was all about Overhead Squats, which I found out that I'm horrible at... gonna take alot of practice. For the battle at the end we did 3 five minute AMRAP's (As Many Rounds As Possible). First five minutes we did 5x Pull Ups and 10x Sandbag Front Squats, the 2nd five minutes we did 10/10 x Wall Slams and 40x Mountain Climbers and the final five minutes we did 10x Push Ups and 10x Kettlebell Swings. By the end I was cooked.. this was a tough battle. 

This entire week was a killer.. I think they are working us extra hard in preparation of all the holiday eating will be doing.  

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